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We are a marketing team specializing in credit unions. For more than 30 years, we have provided marketing expertise to credit unions nationwide to help them achieve their marketing goals. We understand the credit union difference and how to help you maximize your financial relationship with members. Our expertise includes creative, digital, media, social, public relations and brand management.

With Aubrey as a member of your marketing team, you can count on us to develop solutions, on time and with your bottom line in mind. When we take on a project, we start by understanding your goals and how to achieve them within your budget.

You can shape your working relationship with Aubrey in a variety of ways including a per-project basis or retainer.

Retainer Relationship

Why keep Aubrey on retainer?

Aubrey is an extension of your staff — there when you need us. We give you a valuable perspective.

Perhaps you're a small credit union poised to become a bigger credit union. You need some marketing help, but you're not sure you can support a full-time department. Or, you're an overburdened department that has to do everything from coordinating loan campaigns to planning a director's retirement party.

You're looking for help. Or, a vital staff member is on medical or maternity leave. You need someone who can step in and go to work immediately, no training needed, no learning curve to endure. That's Aubrey. When you hire us on a retainer basis, you'll have all Aubrey's expertise at your service. We become part of your marketing department, doing the things you need.

And since our retainer services are on a month-to-month basis, we'll be there as long as you need us, for the short or long term. So if you need marketing help, why hire when you can have seasoned professionals at a lower cost? We get results while keeping your CEO and board happy.


We're very proud of the long-standing relationships we have with so many of our clients. Talk to us about your goals and how we can help you help your members.

Ventura County Credit Union
ALPS Federal Credit Union
Camino Federal Credit Union
Family Federal Credit Union
Glendale Federal Credit Union
ILWU Credit Union
Motor City Co-Op Credit Union
Marin County Federal Credit Union
NorthBay Credit Union
Point Loma Credit Union
Schools Federal Credit Union
South Western Federal Credit Union
University Credit Union
USC Credit Union
Downey Federal Credit Union

California and Pacific Northwest offices serving credit unions nationwide

Contact Bill Bagnall today to see how Aubrey can help you help members.

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